Value Added Services

  • We will not charge you an inspection, pretest & disassembly fee for items we ship back to you un-repaired.
  • All our repairs are backed up with an 18 Month Workmanship Warranty.
  • We will never require you to “PRE-APPROVE” fees for services and or products yet to be rendered or received unless you would like to do so. The Pre-Approval of a Set Price would let us go through the repair of the component if it falls within the Set Price Range. This does not mean that you are automatically charged this price. You will be charged only for what was done to repair your Component. (Unless credit terms require us to do so).
  • Any core products that fall under the “Servo-Hydraulic” category such as Servo valves are always received with a “REPAIR FIRST” mentality. We will do all that we can to repair your Servo Valves under the specifications set forth by the OEM. If for some reason, the valve we receive has significant damage or is indeed obsolete then the appropriate steps will be taken to see if it can be remanufactured before an exact replacement is offered.
  • Our core strengths lie in the area of hydraulic repair. We are a service company first. Not an OEM trying to be a service company.
  • We offer Credit Rebate Programs to qualify customers that entail fixed percentages paid back to the customer in the form of a credit memo to be applied against future repair services. Certain restrictions & dollar amounts apply to qualify for the said program.
  • Our customized inventory program called R.A.N. (Release As Needed) is available to manage serviceable items that require reoccurring repair in small to large quantities. These items can be housed at our facility in a pre-tested, ready to repair state, just waiting for your approval for release. Certain restrictions apply to qualify for the said program.
  • Items that we receive for repair inspection are usually evaluated within 48 hours.