Hydraulic Service Manifold Repair

Repair for Hydraulic Service Manifolds

  1. INCOMING: The units are inspected for any broken or missing parts. (Example: Accumulators, Gages, Tubing, Etc.).
  2. INSPECTION: The units are disassembled and the following is checked: Accumulators, Filters, Valves & Electrical.
  3. ACCUMULATORS: If they are the “Bladder Type,” the bladder is automatically replaced. If they are the “Piston Type,” the barrel is honed and the seals are replaced.
  4. FILTERS: The Filters are either cleaned or replaced depending on the level of contamination and the type of filter the unit has.
  5. ELECTRICAL: All Coils are checked and all Wiring is checked for shorts.
  6. MANIFOLD: All plugs are removed. The Manifold is flushed and dried. All O-Rings are changed and replaced.
  7. ASSEMBLY: All the individual components are Re-Assembled on to the Manifold and wired back.
  8. TEST: The unit is fully assembled and tested @ 3000 PSI. The unit is cycled: “LOW PRES, HIGH PRES, OFF.” This is done to make sure proper low pressure is set and that unit will shut down. The unit is checked for leaks at 3000 PSI.
  9. The unit is then cleaned, painted if required and prepared for shipment.