Railroad Industry

Commerce is the keystone of our economy. It makes no difference how much you manufacture or what you manufacture if you do not have an economical way to get it to market. Ever since the early beginnings of our country the Railroads have been a reliable, effective means of doing just that. In turn, you want to keep your equipment in top condition.

Industrial Servo Hydraulics, Inc. Has been a hydraulic solution provider for this industry since 1969. Most of what we see comes from equipment such as placers & reinforcers, wheel lathes, tampers and track regulators. Some of the valves we repair are the Vickers DG5S8 series, Moog Inc. 730-186, 62 series, and the Atchley series of valves. We repair many of the older design valves along with the most recent designs used in the Railroad industry today. We can sell you new or rebuilt valves to meet your requirements. Our remanufactured valves have the same as new warranty and will perform as well as a brand new valve. All of our valves are repaired back to the O.E.M. specifications.

Saving time and money has always been the driving force of this or any other industry. Let Industrial Servo Hydraulics, Inc. Show you how we can save you time and money on your hydraulic repairs.

We are not just limited to your hydraulic valve requirement either. We can also repair your hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders and other hydraulic components utilized on your systems.