Power Generation

Power Generation

Our dedication to the Power Generation Industry spans over 3 decades and Industrial Servo Hydraulics, Inc. is an International provider of repair services for Maintenance and Outage Support. Our Support for either Preventative or Failure Outages consists of 3 to 5 day turnaround on all Servo Valve and Control Valve repairs, We also have Same Day, 24 or 48 Hour Breakdown Services and on the shelf components. Detroit Edison St. Clair Power Station, during the Blackout of 2003, took advantage of our Outage Support and Industrial Servo Hydraulics was able to provide them with the specific valves needed that same day. We are proud of our former Westinghouse Status for the repair of Electro-Hydraulic Servo Valves on these turbines. No matter the “wattage output” or type of hydraulic system that drives these powerful turbines, our decades of technology and expertise will give you the solution and support you need. The background of our company has put us in the forefront of other repair facilities. What we see on a daily basis coming in to our facility are hydraulic components and assemblies off Gas and Steam Units – High-Output, Multi-Stage, Front Admission, Center Admission, just to name a few.

The life expectancy of a Turbine is typically 35 to 50 years, even more reason to have your Electro-Hydraulic Control equipment in top-notch condition. We have been approved by major hydraulic equipment manufacturers, large power plants and are recommended and chosen by Major Utility Companies for their individual stations during outages. This approval entails an extensive QA/QC inspection process.

Industrial Servo Hydraulics, Inc. Has A “Second To None” 18 Month Workmanship Warranty


Capabilities and Standards:

  • Extensive OEM part inventory.
  • Fyrquel Compatible Seals and Rings.
  • 3 to 5 Day Standard Turnaround Time on Valves.
  • Test Equipment calibrated and traceable to NIST Standards.
  • Performance graphs and test documentation on file and accompanies all repairs.
  • Conforms to standards that do not permit plating, out-of-tolerance parts, or other substandard practices.
  • Pump Test Stand, 0 – 5000 Psi, 150 HP, Closed Loop System.
  • 5 Micron Filter System designed specifically to increase the life of your equipment without contamination.
  • Cylinder and Motor Test Stand designed with Power Generation in mind to pass your strict specifications.