Today’s competitive market conditions require that all components in a Lumber, Plywood, Fiberboard, or Paper Mill operate at peak efficiency. Poor operation of the sophisticated hydraulic components such as Servovalves from Moog, Atchley, Schenck Pegasus, and Vickers, Proportional Valves from Moog, Rexroth, and Tokimec, Pumps, Motors or actuators can severely affect the operational efficiency. Typical applications would be found in Setworks, Debarkers, Headrigs, Gangsaws, Carriages, Cone Edge Trimmers, Sensing Cylinders, and Curve Saws to mention just a few applications.

Industrial Servo Hydraulics, Inc. has been repairing and remanufacturing these hydraulic components since 1969. Our extensive parts inventory provides you with the fastest turnaround possible.

Our certified test equipment and highly trained technicians with over a century of collective experience assure that each Servovalve, Proportional Valve, Pressure Control, Pump, Motor, Actuator meets or exceeds the OEM specifications. All tests are documented and maintained for future verification, and all our serviced components are warranted by an 18-month workmanship warranty – One of the best in this industry.

We work closely with the major Forest Products and Lumberyards to meet their repair and replacement specifications.