Government and Military

Industrial Servo Hydraulics, Inc., since 1969, has been servicing Electro-hydraulic Servo Valves and Hydraulic Components for a variety of current and obsolete hydraulic systems for the following Government and Military industries (but not limited to). Our extensive knowledge and part inventory will ensure that your hydraulic repair is done right the first time and at a competitive price.

  • Bow thrusters on Naval Vessels: Atchley 240’s, Moog 78’s, and Schenck Pegasus 180’s.
  • Ground Test Controls of Jet and Rocket Engine thrust direction control: Abex 410’s, Moog 773’s, and Marrotta solenoid valves.
  • Robotic arm articulation: Moog 30 series, (Specialized micro precision servovalves).
  • Aircraft training, assembly, and flight control. Rexroth 4WRS2EM10’s, Moog 760’s.
  • Military Business and Test Centers: Servo-Actuators, fatigue rated Instron, Pegasus, and MTS. Servovalves: Pegasus, Moog, and MTS.

Aside from working directly with these agencies, we also specialize in servicing their Integrated Suppliers. Meeting the demanding time frame requirements of the US Government and / or Military organizations is crucial. That is why our repair turnaround times are molded to these specific needs.  We also offer 24 and 48-hour breakdown services.

We have a registered Cage Code and the experience and knowledge of all of the necessary paperwork.

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