General Electric EHC and Control Assembly

General Electric Service, Gas and Steam

  • Abex and Atchley Jet Pipe Servo Valves
  • Actuation and Cylinder Systems – No size restrictions, Single Ended and Double Ended.
  • Control Systems, Dump Valves, Reheat Valves, Stop Valves, Intercepts, Throttle Valves, and Shut-off Valves.
  • Hydraulic Pump and Motor Repair – No size restrictions on Denison, Parker, Bosch/Rexroth, Vickers and more.
  • Ultrasonically Clean Cuno and Airmaze Filters.
  • Repair of other manufacture’s Turbine components. ABB (Alston), Allis Chalmers, Delavel, Rolls Royce, Worthington, etc.

Capabilities and Standards:

  • G.E. Specifications In House.
  • G.E. Drawing and Leakage Specifications Strictly Adhered to.
  • Extensive OEM part inventory.
  • Fyrquel Compatible Seals and Rings. (VITON)
  • 3 to 5 Day Standard Turnaround Time on Valves.
  • Test Equipment calibrated and traceable to NIST Standards.
  • Performance graphs and test documentation on file and accompanies all repairs.
  • Conforms to standards that do not permit plating, out-of-tolerance parts, or other substandard practices.
  • Pump Test Stand, 0 – 5000 Psi, 150 HP, Closed Loop System
  • 5 Micron Filter System designed specifically to increase the life of your equipment without contamination.
  • Cylinder and Motor Test Stand designed with Power Generation in mind to pass your strict specifications

General electric reheat stop valve actuator rebuild process


Disassemble the Actuator and inspect for wear.

Disassemble and flush the Diffuser head, Clean the orifices.

Disassemble the Dump pipe assembly.

Disassemble the Spring can assembly, check for Chrome and Bearing wear (when attached incoming)

Check chrome on the rod for wear, Chrome if needed.

Check Barrel for wear, hone, or replace if needed.

Check Rod Bushing for wear, hone, or replace if needed.


Clean all parts, lap and polish parts before the unit is assembled.

Assemble unit using Fyrquel compatible seals and piston rings.

Torque all bolts to the Manufacturers Specifications.


Abex Valve Cleaned and Calibrated, flow plotted on a separate test stand.

Solenoid Valve rebuilt and tested separately.

G.E. Shut-Off Valve rebuilt and tested separately.


Install all the valves to the manifold, and then assemble the manifold to the Actuator for Final Test.

Test and Cycle at 2000 PSI, Unit is checked for internal and external leakage.

Fyrquel EHC fluid used for Testing drained after test.

Unit is Epoxy painted to protect from corrosion.

A Service Report is sent with the repaired unit documenting the processes required for the repair.