Since 1969 Industrial Servo Hydraulics, Inc. has been servicing a variety of water brake dynamometer electro-hydraulic servovalves on Froude, Super Flow equipment and other Manufacturers. We can provide you with a fast 3 to 5 day standard turnaround time to keep customers testing and tuning and avoiding costly down time.

Industrial Servo Hydraulics has the experience to service Dowty, Ultra, and Moog, (Just to name a few) electro-hydraulic servovalves, as well as providing the hard to find parts to service these items to OEM specifications.

If you are considering a faster, higher flow replacement for these types of electro-hydraulic servovalves for better control of your water brake, please consider Industrial Servo Hydraulics, Inc.

References can be provided on our level of performance, reliability, and service in regards to our dynamometer experience.

Please consider letting us show you how we can help you get the most speed, flow, and performance out of your water brake dynamometer systems for acceleration and step test applications.