Accumulator Repair


What is the definition of accumulator?

A hydraulic component used to store hydraulic fluid. Accumulators are designed to increase or relieve pressure in the system.

Industrial Servo Hydraulics, Inc. repairs all piston and bladder style accumulators from all of the major manufacturers.

Piston accumulators are disassembled, barrels honed, all seals are replaced utilizing the compound requested by the customer, assembled and tested for leakage.

A history of all repairs are kept on file with the incoming and outgoing results. A copy of this performance report is sent to the customer for their files.

All repaired units will have an 18 month warranty as long as they are run per the manufacturers requirements for the design tested.

Bladder accumulators are disassembled; bladders are replaced, and check valves are reseated if required. All bladders are replaced with the compound the customer requires, assembled and tested for leakage.